Emberly Digital is a team of creatives that works to tell the story of your company. We’re a forward-thinking agency that values results and works hard to be responsive, creative, and process-oriented.

Cameron Versluis

Founder & Project Strategist

Cameron founded Emberly Digital out of a passion for unique web design achieved through a clear process. His mission is to guide strategic initiatives so that each website project accomplishes its target objectives. When you work with Emberly Digital, you won’t find yourself confused about “what’s next”? That’s because Cameron’s vision is a web design agency built on transparency and process. If we can capture the essence of what makes a good website and fuse it with a clear focus on your target audience, we both win.

Suzette Garvey

Content & Branding Specialist

As our preferred branding and content partner, Suzette Garvey brings targeted focus and authenticity to your company’s storytelling. One of the most challenging pieces of creating a website is writing content that engages users. With over 20 years of marketing experience, Suzette combines invaluable branding insights and data with high-performing, on brand copy for a solid digital marketing foundation. Suzette maintains her own brand, Storybent Creative, and partners with Emberly Digital to bring our clients the best in expertise and agility. If you are looking to focus your brand, target your audience, or create and optimize content, Suzette is the perfect go-to.

Joe Nagelkirk

Developer & Designer

Joe Nagelkirk is an intuitive developer who focuses on user experience. Crafting friendly, responsive designs with carefully-optimized code, Joe works to create a beautiful experience for each user. A rare crossbreed of design sensibility and development savvy, Joe brings passion yet detail to the team. Emberly Digital prizes UIX excellence, and Joe Nagelkirk has it in spades.

Collin Versluis

Technical Developer

A polyglot with an affinity for solving technical problems, Collin brings a wealth of internet knowledge to the team. With a background in hacking, he specializes in handling complex automations and code. Collin is the most likely person on the Emberly Digital team to build advanced functionality into a website. He continues to raise our technical standard, allowing us to push beyond our limits on a regular basis.

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