Artifact is a custom online drum head company based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan. With a commitment to using high quality woods and metals, they are a step above most online custom drum head companies. When Artifact came to us to discuss their new website, they had some ambitious goals. They wanted an online “design factory” where users could change colors and designs to see what their end product could look like.

Artifact also requested that users be able to upload custom files to print on the top of their drum heads. In addition, they wanted to use computer generated imagery to create the images of

Emberly was able to use 3D imaging software to create and render 3D models of each drum head, and built a “design lab” for easy online ordering.

Featured elements include:

  • 3D images of each drum head with simulated material textures
  • Design Lab with product pictures that update based on composite selections
  • eCommerce capabilities allowing file uploads for custom drum head prints

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