Elementor 3.7.1 + Elementor Pro 3.7.3 Breaking (And, Why We Skip Plugin Updates Sometimes)

Elementor Pro Plugin Updates

As we tested updating plugins on our internal development server, we realized that the latest version of Elementor Pro (3.7.3) was conflicting with the base Elementor plugin (version 3.7.1) itself, causing websites to break in spectacular fashion.

Elementor is a page builder plugin that we use on many of our production websites. It is a fantastic software that can be used to build many versatile, beautiful types of pages, and normally it is highly developmentally sound. It’s definitely our recommended page builder, as it stands head and shoulders above anything else on the market. However, the latest update causes significant issues. You may see this error message

Broken WordPress site

As such, we will be skipping both updates as we perform your regular monthly maintenance. If you have the Elementor and Elementor Pro plugins, you will see that they will not be updated this month until the Elementor team releases a patch.

This is part of why our monthly maintenance offering is more complex than simply hitting the “update” button in the back end of your WordPress website. Sometimes, we strategically skip updates like this in order to prevent plugin and theme conflicts, version bugs, or compatibility issues.

Other times, updates require our CSS, PHP, or HTML code to be adjusted in order to support new plugin or theme versions. This is all part of what we handle as your monthly maintenance provider.

For our clients on a monthly maintenance plan, thank you for trusting us with your website! We’re here for you and glad to have you with us. Ask us a question or submit a support ticket anytime.

For more information about Emberly Digital’s monthly maintenance, see our website maintenance process.