Our website project process has been developed carefully over the past seven years. We’ve crafted a method of meeting organizational goals through seven steps.


Vision Meeting

The Project Vision Meeting is the “kickoff”. It is a chance for the key players in the website project to connect and determine the vision for the design and functionality of the website. During this meeting, we determine the project scope and budget, and will begin to develop concrete ideas that will begin to take shape as we head toward the second phase of the project. This meeting may take place in person, but can also happen by phone or video conference.



The Wireframe stage saves time for both our designers and your company. In the wireframe stage, we put together a wireframe mockup of the structure of your website. This helps us to quickly identify whether the website’s structure and workflow will meet the needs of the target audience and your company.







After we’ve collected your digital assets, we will put together a design mockup.This will be a sample design, usually of the homepage of your website. We will deliver his design in PDF file format so that you can review it and approve the direction the website is taking. Typically, we deliver the design mockup within two weeks of receiving all digital assets.  The Design Mockup stage is the best stage to share designs with other people in your company. It’s best to make revisions early in the process, since the next stages of the process come closer and closer to a concrete product. Once you’ve approved this mockup, we can move to the next stage.



During the website development process, we may be in communication with you to ask for additional assets or information. Depending on the scope and technical functionality of the project, the development of the website can take 2-8 weeks.

Once the development process finalizes, we will send you a link to the development version of the website. You can look at the new website on any computer. Feel free to share it with team members or even your dog. Once you’ve approved the development copy of the website, we will be ready to take it live.



Once the Development process is complete, we invite you to give us a list of final revisions before we go live. During the development process, we test the website thoroughly. However, we encourage you to test and double check each piece of the content and functionality before giving us the go ahead to go live. Once you give us approval to go live, you’ve approved the website “as is”.

We encourage you to deliver your final revisions in a single email. This way, we won’t miss anything. We also look for email approval to go live. Once you’ve approved your final revisions, we will start the next step of the process.



Once we get confirmation from you that you are ready to launch your website, we will begin the launch process. Except in extreme circumstances, we are usually able to transfer to the new site with zero downtime. We typically request that you wait a minimum of two days after the launch of your new website to begin promoting it to your clients or followers. This allows DNS to propagate globally, and it allows time to double check the website before inviting it to be widely used.



Once your website or software has launched, we will provide training for you and your staff on how to use it. This may be in the form of live in-person training, or may be a video call. For many projects, we will provide a video library specific to your product that shows you how to use it.

Additionally, we’d love to have you take our Project Process Survey to let us know how the project went.



Have a project in mind? We’d love to hear about it, and if it’s a good fit, work together.