Watch Tabby Dates, Developed by Emberly, on Shark Tank On Oct 29, 2021 at 8PM ET/CT!

We’re excited to announce that TABBY, The Cat Person’s Dating App, is scheduled to appear on Shark Tank on National Cat Day, October 29, 2021! We can’t tell you what happens—but we know your fur will stand on end!

Tabby is a dating app developed by Emberly Digital, and we’re proud to have our pawprints all over it. Emberly Digital is a web and software development company founded by brothers Cameron & Collin Versluis, and they are proud to partner with sister duo Leigh D’Angelo & Casey Isaacson. There are a lot of siblings in this equation, and Tabby has a sibling too—Dig, the Dog Person’s Dating App, also developed by Emberly Digital.

If you’re a cat person, the Tabby app is the best way to meet your match. Tabby gives you the ability to meet other cat lovers in your area. Being a cat person or a dog person comes with a unique mindset and lifestyle. Find your forever love with an easy swiping / matching interface. Other great features of the app include messaging, voice calls, and video chat!

Emberly Digital is so honored and proud to be a part owner of Dig Dates, Inc., which owns Dig and Tabby, and to have worked with such incredible entrepreneurs as Leigh and Casey to develop something magical. Here’s what Leigh had to say about her experience working with Emberly Digital:

“This team is one of a kind. After working with many different teams in mobile dev, customer experience, and advertising- I’ve never come across a stronger, more efficient, more organized, and more dedicated group of top qualify people. My only regret is not working with them sooner. Remarkable work in a remarkable amount of time.”

Watch @tabbydates on “Shark Tank” Friday, October 29 8:00 – 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on ABC!