AppraisalDIY is the world’s first hybrid home appraisal system. AppraisalDIY allows homeowners to work with a licensed appraiser to get an accurate valuation on their own home—right from their smartphone. With AppraisalDIY, appraisers can sign up to appraise homes, online. Users can simply use the website on their smartphone to snap photos of the entire house interior and exterior, and fill in simple forms to detail every feature relevant to the house’s value.

With AppraisalDIY, appraisers can make money from home, and users never have to deal with the hassle of scheduling an appointment with an appraiser and coordinating being home at the same time. Everything can be handled completely online, from any device, when it’s most convenient.

This is an exciting online system that cuts out the drive time and overhead of traditional appraisal processes. The way of the future, AppraisalDIY allows everything to be done from the couch. (Well, the user still has to get up to take the pictures.)