BEVRA Vintage

BEVRA, the Big Vintage Extreme Racing Association, is a Michigan-based snowmobile racing club. When we first got acquainted with BEVRA, they were doing all of their race signups and annual registrations on paper. This equated to two or three hours a week, on a cold racetrack in the middle of nowhere, of participants standing around while staff and volunteers furiously tried to work through all of the paperwork.

We worked to understand how BEVRA’s registration system works, and built a custom online version. Our system allows users to register custom race numbers, which are the unique identifiers that BEVRA uses to assign its members to races. Each member can reapply for a new race number every year with the annual registration process. Two race numbers will never be the same in our system.

Once a race number is assigned, BEVRA members can sign up for races. We’ve built the functionality so that members must make their annual membership payment and claim a race number before they are able to sign up for races. Members can sign up for multiple races at a time and pay online.

The new BEVRA registration process all happens online, so it saves the entire BEVRA community 2-3 hours every race day. That’s 2-3 hours more fun, and less manual paperwork headache, every week.

“A huge THANK YOU!!! To Cameron for his help and complete expertise in designing and continually upgrading our racing Website. His ability and knowledge is absolutely amazing! Our needs were unique and required a website that compiled and sorted entries as they generated and Cam created it from scratch. He personally sat down and wrote an enormous amount of script and absolutely NAILED IT! I highly recommend him for any of your website needs. You will not be disappointed.”

Bill Kerkstra

Volunteer Coordinator, BEVRA