Employee Portal

We developed an employee portal that allows Star Truck Rentals to house employee-centric resources and information behind a gated login system. We developed the software with an expandable template design so that different sections or levels could be added. Included in this project was:

  • A login system that encrypts login information, securely storing passwords to MySQL as 7x encrypted MD5 hashes, authenticated with salts
  • A master dashboard with an overview of the latest added resources
  • Editable quick links allowing employees to easily access common resources
  • Docs & forms, allowing Star Truck to upload files or place URLs, such as PDFs, Word files, spreadsheets, etc

The portal is hosted on a subdomain of the main Star website, so it is a separate installation from the main website. Upon the user’s arrival, the website will require a login. The user can create an account—they will need to verify with an actual Star Truck Rentals email address in order to be accepted.

Once the user has logged in, they will see a dashboard with major content categories. The dashboard at a glance can show quick links, docs & forms, latest resources, latest news, and more.

These categories and resources will be able to be modified from the admin area of the employee portal. This way, employees can easily find different types of resources. This makes it easy to add additional sections of the portal and use the same resource / category filtering system.

We’ve also included an Employee Forum where employees can talk with each other. This forum allows topics, replies, and more.

We developed an Account section where employees can modify their personal information. We will be able to tie other systems into any of the portal integration later. For instance, if we wanted to create a Birthday reminder app, we could easily build it on to the portal based on the birth dates people enter. We could build an Emergency Contact app that updates employee contacts throughout multiple systems if they change their information later. The portal is the basis for a lot of possibility.