Endangered – New Species: Game Launch

Marc from Grand Gamer’s guild came to us with a plan to launch an extension to the board game: “Endangered.” We created a plan to entice new signups, then find the best interests to target.

What we did:

  • We created a landing page to display the new game extension. The page also offered a free printable version of the game that those who sign up could use right away. This created an extra incentive for users to sign up.
  • We tested various audiences through Facebook interest targeting. We targeted users with an interest in gaming, combining them with those with an interest in endangered species’ to create a perfect intersection of interests in order to find users most likely to engage with the content.

The Results:

  • We spent $275 and generated 538 leads.
  • The average lead cost was $0.51
  • We generated 460 reactions, 83 saves and 82 shares.
“"Arg! I missed the games of this during GenCon Online. I really wanted to try it. But now Sea Turtles? 🐢 Gah! I needs!"

"Just signed up for the P&P, can’t wait to try it out. Looks like something my boyfriend and I will enjoy playing."

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