GWI Engineering

GWI Engineering is an engineering company out of Grand Rapids, Michigan that provides custom automation and OEM solutions. A local company previously developed the GWI website in a proprietary framework. This framework was built on WordPress, but it meant that their staff was unable to make even simple changes or updates.

GWI approached us asking if we could build them a better solution. So we recreated the website using an editable framework and built out a page builder. We added default CSS styling so that GWI can easily add elements that are styled to their brand guidelines. However, they can override these styles easily in the page builder. We also added a Request a Quote form, which we have verified through SMTP so it doesn’t go to GWI spam boxes.

Key elements:

  • Easy-to-use page builder with default styling
  • SSL installation for security
  • Request a quote form with SMTP verification
  • Animated logo entry
  • Background video sections
  • New menu styling

The new GWI website has beautiful form, but most of all, it functions the way the GWI staff needs. We’re excited to continue to work with GWI as we refine their web presence.