Hot Logic Mini

Used by office workers, truckers, and celebrities, the HotLogic is an innovative food reheating device. Meant to replace the microwave, the HotLogic uses far healthier conductive heating for the perfect temperature, every time.

As part of the HotLogic deal, our staff actually received HotLogics, and gave them a try. They were absolutely incredible, and we continue to use them proudly to this day. Reheating using a HotLogic doesn’t dry out your food, and the temperature stays perfect for hours and hours. We were blown away by this product!

The HotLogic website features immersive overlapping elements, mega menus, and more. We created the HotLogic website on the Shopify platform, which meant developing a custom theme. This included templates that the HotLogic team can easily update, baked into the Shopify experience.