Keets Health

Keets Health is an innovative new formulation of probiotics—in chocolate form. We tried it, and yes, it’s a probiotic that actually does taste good. The Keets website is dedicated to explaining the health values of Keets probiotics and making the ordering process easy and convenient. We worked with Keets to create image assets and design and launch the new website.

The Keets website features subscription products so that you can easily order a subscription and choose between 30, 60, and 90 day shipments. By default, with WooCommerce this interface is a bit clunky—so we used custom jQuery and PHP to build a beautiful, easy-to-use frontend interface that allows switching.

Additionally, the website features a connection to the USPS API to calculate shipping prices.

We’re glad to work with Keets—it’s a great product, and we enjoyed the samples so much we almost didn’t have any left for product day. We’re continuing to work with Keets on marketing efforts as they expand their brand—and we’re excited to be part of their growth!