Olivet College

Olivet College is a liberal arts college out of Olivet, Michigan. With a rich history as one of the first colleges to promote diversity and inclusion on campus, Olivet has a lot to offer.

Olivet’s website has gone through several troublesome phases over the years. Beginning as a Drupal website that was challenging to maintain, Olivet then received a WordPress website redesign that tied together a messy hodgepodge of plugins, page builders, and code libraries.

With the new Olivet website, we researched carefully how competing colleges are structuring their user experience, and created a clear, organized path for the user. Our design was incredibly intentional, using a minimalistic less-is-more approach. The resulting website is clean, easy to navigate, and extremely fast. We built a custom content management system within WordPress, allowing all of that staff to make changes simply and easily, while still staying within an easily editable framework.

We’re proud of the aesthetic and development of the new Olivet College website – so proud we almost feel like alumni.