Paola Brown: Six Figure Curriculum Launch

What We Did:

  • When the client came to us with the project, she had a few friends with email lists she knew she could have send a single email – we wanted to capitalize on that single email the best we could and build something that could live beyond that one time “influencer” push.
  • We build a “free lesson” sample page where users could enter their email to get access to 3 free lessons from her curriculum. They were then sent videos and other resources over the course of a week to walk them through using the free lessons. At the end of the email sequence, users were given a special one time code to purchase the curriculum. For each email, when brought to the download page, the users were always given the option to jump ahead and buy the curriculum – most did.
  • Our goal: Turn each touch point into as many touch points as possible. This client could have had a single pitch through each of her clients email lists. But we made sure to take a relationship based approach that let everyone experience the sales process at their own pace, with plenty of gentle automated follow up. Instead of reaching 7000 prospects once,

The Results:

  • Subscriber list grew from under 3000 to over 10,000. Most of the growth happened in a week as a direct result of the sample campaign we recommended.
  • Revenue went from $2000 in the previous year to over $220,000 after the curriculum launch and counting. Over $15,000 in sales are a direct result of the automated email sequences put in place by Emberly and generated sales from cold new leads within roughly 30 days.
  • We spent $780 in ad spend advertising to a cold audience. The return on ad spend rose as high as 11x. That means for every dollar put in, the client made 11 on a brand new audience. The cold ads obtained 1600 brand new leads and counting. This is all a direct result of the “free lesson” campaign set up by Emberly to educate new leads about the curriculum.
  • Overall, we spent $2,050 in ads to achieve over $25,000 in sales with an average ROA of 12.36.
  • The brand continues to grow in size on autopilot through ads, with new members continually buying each new product, joining the Facebook group, and becoming strong supporters.
“Emberly Digital has ran an email campaign, initial marketing campaign, and we are in between several other projects. I have worked with many other marketing companies in various jobs I've either ran or other companies I've worked for. Never have I ever found such a creative and dedicated team. I feel like Cameron and his team OWN my project just as much as I do. They believe in what we do and they want us to succeed as if my project were their own baby! I feel incredibly grateful to have found them. They are beyond informed on website design, coding, sales language, digital marketing, and so much more. If they see a problem, they design a reasonable way to solve it. I'm delighted to have found them and attribute much of our success to Emberly's team”

Paola Brown

Curriculum Author