Qulture Club is a CBD company with a unique look. Founded by Anqunette Sarfoh, a former news anchor with a dedicated online following, Qulture explores how CBD can improve the lives of people around the world.

Qulture features unique events, like monthly tea parties. These events are designed to create a sense of community, formed around common goals of health and vitality.

The Qulture website is a beautifully designed masterpiece that creates a defined, engaging aesthetic. Qulture’s website features beautiful imagery, overlapping elements, and unique masks and filters to create a look and feel that is all its own. The website, built completely custom in Shopify, includes several custom blogs to power the In the News and Events sections, as well as lots of custom logic in Shopify’s Liquid.js language that powers everything.

In addition, the website features full eCommerce capabilities, including payment processing, a login / user access system, and shipping fulfillment integrated with Shippo.