Restoring Vision

Restoring Vision is a nonprofit organization that provides reading glasses for those suffering from vision impairment. Restoring Vision reaches 3.5 million people per year with brand-new glasses. Over 90% of people with uncorrected vision loss live in low-and middle-income countries with limited access to vision services. This means that the tangible benefits that Restoring Vision provides are truly life-changing.

Impacting 144 countries and 20 million people total, Restoring Vision has made a massive difference in the world. Emberly Digital is proud to have partnered with HAVEN, one of our trusted partners, to create a brand-new website and brand presence for Restoring Vision’s brand. HAVEN crafted the new brand, while Emberly and Haven tag-teamed on website design, and Emberly provided website development.

The Restoring Vision site is bold, expressive, and most of all, clear. With a website focused on vision, we wanted to make sure that the site was accessible even for those with vision impairments. Our team tested color contrast according to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) standards set by the W3C Web Accessibility Initiative. We worked to create a new design standard that was crisp, clear, and bold. It’s easily readable, easily understandable, and conveys the core messaging quickly.

The Emberly team is excited to be part of making an impact—after all, there are few greater causes on earth than providing life-changing support to those with simple needs, like a pair of glasses.