Sacred Heart Academy

Sacred Heart is a Catholic school in the heart of Grand Rapids, Michigan. The Sacred Heart staff works hard to provide an incredible educational experience for each student, and we wanted to ensure that the website reflected this heart for quality and purpose.

When deciding what type of technology to use for any given website, developers are faced with a choice with many pros and cons. If the client does not want to edit the website themselves and is comfortable working with a developer to make all changes, custom-coding the website results in the most reliable, optimized experience. If the client has one or two people from their organization who would like to edit the website, a page builder can be a good solution. However, what happens when many people from the organization want to edit at once? This can lead to chaos, as page builders often allow too much flexibility for this type of scenario. It can be hard to maintain the level of optimization we were initially hoping for.

So, for Sacred Heart, we developed a completely custom “block builder”. This builder allows users to build at will, with many different development components available. However, these blocks always look and function in the same way. This is an optimum user experience for websites like Sacred Heart, and they allowed the Sacred Heart staff to work with us to build the final product.

We’re excited with the classical, professional, engaging look that we’ve developed for Sacred Heart, and thanks to our editing methodology, they can easily work on the site for years to come.