Soupy’s Performance

Soupy’s Performance sells adjustable lowering links and kickstands for motorcycles of every make from Ducati to Suzuki. Developing the new Soupy’s Performance website involved a complete brand overhaul as well as a brand-new Shopify website developed from scratch. All Soupy’s parts are adjustable. Other lowering kit manufacturers make lowering links with just one size. That means that you have to order the exact right size the first time—and most people get it wrong. An adjustable kit allows you to experiment until you learn the perfect height for you.

We created the new brand aesthetic with the primary target audience in mind. Based on our analytic data, Soupy’s typical customer is an 18-to-30-year-old male who has purchased a new bike and is in the market for lowering links. He’s discovered (or knew already) that it’s too tall for him. Having to buy an accessory just to lower your bike seat may not be a fun experience—so we wanted to make sure to create a brand that was slick, attractive, and compelling.

Our brand concept features distinguished looking older men—the role models of our target demographic—as well as the tagline, “Ride Smooth. Buy Adjustable.”

Ultimately, a bike adjusted to the right height means smooth riding, smooth dismounts, and total comfort. The new brand aesthetic captures these elements well.

The new Soupy’s website features brand new ways to sort by products, including clicking on a brand logo, sorting by make or model, and using a search with fuzzy logic and metadata search built in.

The new website has consistently outperformed its predecessor, and we’re excited that audiences are finding it far easier to shop online and find the adjustable bike parts they need.