The SYNERGi Media team provides expert-class paid media strategy to companies throughout the nation. As adept as they are at developing brand identities for other companies, they struggled to find their own brand aesthetic and voice for years. We worked with the SYNERGi team to understand the user personas that made up their ideal customer base—who were SYNERGi’s ideal demographic, and what did they want? Once we understood these personas, we worked to craft a unique look and feel and wrote the copy for the website.

To write the copy, we spent a great deal of time asking questions such as, “What are five ways my product or service will help them make money?”, “How will we help them save money over the next week, month, or year?”, and “How much time could I save them and what else could they do with that time?” Answering these questions made all the difference in creating copy that was engaging for the end user.

The SYNERGi website features unique parallax elements and a design based on gradients and bubbles that is undeniably eye-catching. We have retained professionalism throughout the website, but made the design fun and edgy enough to represent an outside-of-the-box marketing firm.