Thomas Kinkade

Thomas Kinkade, known as the “Painter of Light” for his expressive, sentimental paintings of cottages, lighthouses, gardens, gazebos, and natural wonders, is one of the most well-known American painters of all time. At the height of his success, his paintings could be found in one out of every twenty American homes. Prints of Thomas Kinkade’s paintings are sold by his company, Thomas Kinkade Studios, with over 60 gallery locations throughout the US and UK. Thomas Kinkade Studios now teaches and employs artists who paint in the style of Thomas Kinkade, continuing to bring paintings of light and tranquility to the world.

The Thomas Kinkade website received a major upgrade this year as we worked on implementing a new brand refresh and a brand-new website. The site was a large project, with 1.5 million images, over 100,000 product variations, and tens of thousands of active customers. The final product has experienced much better conversion rates per page view and has allowed the Thomas Kinkade brand to move into the future technically.

Browse the Thomas Kinkade website if you’d like to see the expressive style of the “Painter of Light” and have a few tranquil moments with paintings that remind you just how beautiful the world all around us can be.