Used Truck Ads: The Busiest Month Yet

Star Truck came to us looking to advertise their used trucks. With a higher price-point item, our goal with this campaign was to get their cost of lead acquisition as low as possible. We ran a test over about 30 days with $1000 in ad spend.

What We Did:

  • First, we researched the keywords that most of their customers typically use to describe what they’re looking for. We found some of the most popular used truck brands along with common lingo for different makes and models used in various searches
  • Different brands and types of trucks were divided into different ad sets to control budget individually while we geographically targeted each area near each Star Truck location.
  • Last and most importantly, we set up detailed tracking analytics across the site to be sure that every form filled out, every call, and every attempt to contact Star Truck was counted as a new lead on the first contact so that Google could properly optimize for lead acquisition.

The Results:

  • We tracked over 70 calls generated specifically from our Google ad campaign. The average lead cost was under $15.
  • Star Truck reported that this was the busiest month they’ve had in a long while.
  • Last and most importantly, lead cost has become predictable. As mentioned before, on average, if they spend $15, they get a phone call. From this data, the client is now optimizing processes to make sure that each call us routed as successfully as possible.
“70 calls seems great!!! Just that alone should be my good finding for tomorrow's management meeting.”