Convergence Industries

Convergence Industries is a plastic film distributor operating out of Wyoming, Michigan. As a new company pioneered by the longstanding Kalamazoo Packaging Systems, Convergence is an all-encompassing solution to client’s film distribution needs.

Emberly created every part of the Convergence brand, including the logo and brand book. The Convergence website features copy written by our SEO team, written to land traffic and convert potential customers. We’re pairing the SEO

The Convergence website features loading and scrolling animations that give a three-dimensional effect, and a material design quality that boldly pushes the boundaries. This design tells potential clients that Convergence means business—a piece of branding as top-tier as Convergence’s own product line.

Key Elements Include:

  • SEO strategy & copywriting
  • Custom brand & logo design
  • Loading and scroll-based animations