Fasco is an employment solutions company based in Michigan, expanding rapidly to a national presence. Initially founded in 1957 as a temp agency focused only on clerical work, Fasco has expanded to include many different types of employment, and is branching out to a national presence.

Fasco’s old branding was dated, so they came to us looking for a fresh new look. We created the new Fasco brand by researching the demographic. What are people looking for as they search for a job? In order to create the new brand, we had to keep in mind there are two different user groups. First, employees. These are people who may be experiencing hardship such as job loss, who want to find stability. Second, employers. These are also people looking for stability, in another sense. Most employers reach out due to seasonal staffing demands, maternity leave, or sudden employee absence. This means that they are usually in desperate need when they reach out to Fasco.

The new brand merges a LinkedIn-esque aesthetic with custom, approachable material design. The design is very friendly, yet remains professional enough to be taken seriously.

The new website features beautiful design, parallax imagery, overlapping elements, engaging graphic design, and more. Emberly wrote the copy for the website, designed the new logo, and performed all aspects of development to get the new brand up and running.