Rapid Skills Generator

The Rapid Skills Generator is a tool created for the Workforce Intelligence Network, a government organization on the mission of using data to improve the Michigan workforce.

The Rapid Skills Generator is focused on apprenticeship. Apprenticeship is a time-tested model of employment that is being resurrected to deal with the modern workforce. There are huge rewards for registering your apprenticeship with the Department of Labor in your state, including significant financial incentives. However, Department of Labor Registered Apprenticeships can be challenging to create and deploy.

To create an apprenticeship, employers must fill out the Appendix A, among other apprenticeship-related paperwork, to initiate the apprenticeship. These documents are intimidating and can take a lot of time to fill out. Furthermore, standards for what any given apprenticeship should look like remain a bit scattered across the board. That’s where Rapid Skills comes in.

Rapid Skills Generator is an easy way to create templates for apprenticeships. The software is free to use, and easily generates apprenticeship requirements, suggested hours, and more. That’s everything you need for an Appendix A.

RapidSkills is like a library for apprenticeship templates—take a book, leave a book. You can use an apprenticeship template that already exists, and you can leave a copy of your template for others to use.

Now, employers, educational institutions, and government partners can easily create and browse national standards for apprenticeships for any occupation.