Trusted Care Solutions

Trusted Care Solutions is an incredible nonprofit whose specialists help individuals find care for their aging loved ones. With a focus on independent living, Trusted Care Solutions (TCS) is determined to help its clients live at home and out in their community for as long as possible. TCS works with a variety of assisted living facilities, home care facilities, and practitioners to help seniors maintain and even regain their independence. TCS even runs a Community Transitions program, hoping many seniors move back out of nursing homes and become independent once again!

While the TCS staff are absolutely incredible, their old website was anything but. With a dated look and minimal content, their brand did not communicate the expansiveness or value of their services.

It can be difficult to communicate something that feels too good to be true. Yes, Trusted Care Solutions has actual full-time specialists who are not sales people—they are nonprofit consultants there to help. With a 98% customer satisfaction rating and 5,257 people helped last year, TCS is making a serious difference in the lives of Michigan seniors.

We began to build the Trusted Care Solutions brand by creating a fresh new logo and a signature teal color. This color communicates health and vibrancy while still establishing trustworthiness. We found a brand aesthetic that toes the line between friendly and approachable, yet medical and professional.

If you’re looking for quality care for your aging loved one, reach out to Trusted Care Solutions. We trust them, we’re proud to have worked with them, and they can help.